Special Offer: Get Our In-Depth Analysis of Your Online News

Find out if your e-news makes the grade. Let Editorial Solutions do a detailed study of your content’s enterprise, impact, end-user input, and readability.

Daily news posts are a key source of page views for every B2B website. But on too many sites, news content and presentation are not up to the job. Does your e-news meet or exceed the industry standard, or does it fall short? If you’re not sure, let Editorial Solutions Inc. (ESI) tell you where you stand.

With unparalleled expertise gained from seven years of online news performance studies, ESI can analyze and grade your news performance and help your website news section reach peak fighting shape.

Here are just a few elements of ESI’s e-news studies that can yield significant benefits to your site:

  • Enterprise Reporting. Canned reprints of press releases and news feeds don’t make for high page-view counts. Our report will rate the level of original reporting by your news staff and present a plan that will give you a leg up in any competitive comparison.
  • Universality of Interest. Limited-interest content like personnel news, which can make up a majority of some news sections, has little value for most website visitors. The broader the scope of the topics you present—the closer you come to universal interest—the better your site will perform. ESI site analysis will assess how well you are doing in picking content with wide appeal.
  • End-user input. Too many B2B news stories don’t include quotes or other input from target readers. Our unique scoring system will show you where you stand in this vital aspect of B2B news delivery.
  • Readability. Our studies have shown that many websites fail to provide readable content. If your news scores low in readability, we’ll provide a before-and-after editing demonstration to highlight areas for improvement. We’ll also show you how to apply sentence flow analysis to detect when a faster writing pace will benefit readability.

Here’s how the analysis works. Twenty current, consecutive online news articles will be analyzed in terms of eight critical factors:

  1. Impact/universality
  2. Enterprise
  3. End-user connections
  4. Readability
  5. Effectiveness of introductory paragraph
  6. Embedded link visibility
  7. High-value article sequence
  8. Adequate word count

The report will include a “Fix-It-Alert” estimate identifying content factors that require improvement.

All the above analysis and more will be part of your report for just $875.

Competitive analysis option: For only $600 more, ESI will include a comparison to a competitor’s e-news performance.

For more details, contact Howard Rauch at editsol1@optimum.net or at (201) 569-7714.