In-House Workshops

  • Converting editorial strengths/weaknesses into eye-opening sales presentations. This session begins with a discussion of a 40-point approach to editorial content evaluation. Participants apply the system to their publication vs. competitors and also compare findings vs. analysis done by workshop leader. Following the exercise, audio visuals based on recent competitive analysis projects show the variety of revealing information possible through comprehensive editorial strength/weakness review.
  • Editorial marketing strategy from soup to nuts. This session is an ideal complement to the strengths/weaknesses session. Through a series of self-scoring profiles, participants have an opportunity to understand whether their current editorial marketing arsenal is fully loaded. Topics covered include monthly newsletters, audio/visual shows, editorial “portfolios,” advertorials, complaint- handling techniques, reader involvement devices, field presence, publicity, lots more!
  • A realistic approach to establishing editorial performance benchmarks. In the editorial arena, productivity measurement is often elusive. Today’s age of diversified job responsibility and high technology hasn’t made things easier. Even so, editorial managers must establish realistic workloads and recognize the ten most common performance inhibitors. This session, based on several recent projects, offers practical advice on how to get the job done.
  • Show business: Raising the level of convention exploitation. This session kicks off with a self- scoring profile examining possible strengths/weaknesses of current show coverage practices. Wide- ranging program covers everything from advance planning to creating at-show events to publishing a show daily. Also discussed: how to make at-show issues into editorial showcases.
  • “No mercy” editing refresher course. The most common and not-so-common editing errors are illustrated through exercises pulled from publications in your field. Special focus on raising the information level of headline/deck/lead packages. Seven possible obstructions to effective head/deck/lead writing reviewed. Practical Research IQ Test probes common pitfalls to be skirted when writing about statistics.
  • One-on-one critique sessions. Recommended as alternative to company-wide seminar. In this case, our workshop leader meets with individual magazine staffs to review editing strengths and weaknesses, and reports results of competitive analysis involving the client’s toughest competitors.