Test Your Editorial Strength Vs. Competition Via Exclusive Headline-Writing Match-Up

There’s definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to on-target headline writing. And in many cases, magazines believed to be at the top of their headline game in fact have room for improvement.

How about you? Especially when compared to your toughest competitor’s headlines? Isn’t it about time you found out where you stand?

Among other considerations, effective headline assessment takes into account every message-bearing component—including captions, subheads, and call-outs. An Editorial Solutions “Headline Power Review” includes the following features:

  • Front cover total review including main story lines and subordinate headings.
  • Chief editor’s personal column immediate story-telling effectiveness
  • How revised feature article intros can strengthen headline impact
  • Specific key strengths/weaknesses vs. competitors.

For your headline analysis, you can choose either of the following two options:

  • Three-issue Headline Power review vs. other publications
  • Six-issue review totally devoted to your magazine.

The cost for either option is just $500. For further information e-mail editsol1@optimum.net, or call Editorial Solutions president Howard Rauch at (201) 569-7714. Howard has judged AZBEE Best Headline competitions as well as Neal Awards. He is an AZBEE Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.