Get Serious About Competitive Editorial Analysis

Is your content the best in your market? Or has the editorial superiority you claim for your products been eclipsed by a determined competitor? In today’s marketing environment, how can you be sure? And if you are the best, how do you prove it?

The best time to answer these questions for yourself and for your advertisers is now.

The best way to do it is by developing a report that proves your competitive strengths and weaknesses.

And the best resource to guide you through the process is Get Serious About Competitive Editorial Analysis, now offered at its lowest-ever price of $15.95. In it you’ll learn about programs applied effectively by author Howard Rauch over the course of dozens of consulting assignments with leading B2B publishers.

In this detailed guide, Rauch describes the tools you need to identify and fix editorial weaknesses, to document editorial strengths, and ultimately to validate your competitive editorial superiority for advertisers.

Rauch first developed his system as the vice president and editorial director of trade publisher Gralla Publications. Since founding his consultancy, Editorial Solutions, in 1989, he has applied it successfully with a wide range of clients. Now, in this book, he is making it available to you.

The book’s eight chapters, listed below, provide everything you need to know:

  • How to Develop a Competitive Analysis System
  • Enterprise Packed E-News Is Key to Online Superiority
  • 40-Factor System Highlights Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Using the 80% Factor to Identify Graphics Superiority
  • News Analysis Required: Nine-Factor Test Is Best Bet
  • Build Star Quality into Showcase Issues: No Flops Allowed!
  • Editors Must Be Involved in Overall Marketing Strategy
  • Effective Competitive Analysis Requires Commitment

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