Get Serious About Editorial Management

Climb the editorial career ladder with Get Serious About Editorial ManagementAre you looking to become your company’s next editorial superstar? Then you need to Get Serious About Editorial Management. Veteran publishing consultant Howard Rauch has expressly written this new book to help accelerate your climb up the publishing ladder.

Published in the summer of 2017, Get Serious About Editorial Management is an essential reference and guidebook. It is targeted at senior-level editors aiming to hone their management skills and at others ready to move into management.

Cover shot of Get Serious About Editorial ManagementFocused on business-to-business (B2B) publishing, the book identifies and explains the editorial strategies, management methods, and editorial marketing practices that are key to editorial success. Topics covered in its 14 chapters include improving editorial performance with data, committing to in-house training, avoiding editorial burnout, marketing your editorial achievements, getting the most from trade shows, and competing effectively. The book also addresses such top-of-mind issues as editorial ethics, industry research, sponsored content, and online news production.

Although not the primary focus of the book, an extensive appendix covers the most critical journalism basics, such as crafting effective headlines, diversifying the editorial calendar, learning how to interview sources, and writing lean and lucid prose.

Author Howard Rauch spent more than two decades of his career as an editorial executive for B2B publishing pioneer Gralla Publications. In 1989 he founded his consultancy, Editorial Solutions Inc., to share his insights and advice with other publishers and editors. His work in that capacity has been recognized by the American Society of Business Publication Editors with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

If you’re looking for an edge in advancing your editorial career, Get Serious About Editorial Management is for you. Buy it today on Amazon.