Master Editorial Management for Less than $10

Climb the editorial career ladder with Get Serious About Editorial ManagementAre you looking to become your company’s next editorial superstar? Then you need to Get Serious About Editorial Management. Veteran publishing consultant Howard Rauch has expressly written this new book to help accelerate your climb up the publishing ladder.

And here’s the best news: Getting this high-value insight and advice won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Now available in convenient and cost-effective Kindle format, Get Serious About Editorial Management is a valuable reference and guidebook for senior-level editors and others responsible for editorial management. Its 126 pages encompass these authoritative features, among others:

  • Establish realistic quantitative performance goals
  • Avoid these 12 common management misfires
  • Effective in-house training requires all-out effort
  • Use hiring practices that make sense
  • Create ‘First and Only’ slide show that confirms editorial excellence
  • Ten warning signs that editorial strength is slipping
  • Being industry insider is better than settling for observer status
  • Five actions that frighten potential editorial competition
  • Overcoming sponsored content hurdles
  • Stellar e-news coverage can’t happen without enterprise and exclusivity
  • Twelve editorial ethics issues you must address quickly
  • Ten ways to score with outstanding debut issues

In addition, Get Serious About Editorial Management includes exclusive self-scoring profiles to help you measure your effectiveness as a manager:

  • Becoming someone in your industry
  • Successful complaint-handling
  • Check out these 15 feature-writing practices
  • Are you an Editorial Miracle Worker?
  • Recognize these 14 possible editorial burnout factors
  • Upgrade your editorial marketing arsenal
  • Fifteen ways to present top trade show coverage

Get Serious About Editorial Management concludes with an extensive appendix focusing on a wide variety of journalism basics. With this rich supply of management insights and advice, you will have a resource that you’ll want to keep handy for quick and easy reference.

Cover shot of Get Serious About Editorial ManagementYou can order the paperback version from for just $14.95. Even better, you can buy and instantly download the convenient Kindle version for only $9.99 and start reading it now on your phone, your computer, or your e-book reader.

Author Howard Rauch spent more than two decades of his career as an editorial executive for B2B publishing pioneer Gralla Publications. In 1989 he founded his consultancy, Editorial Solutions, to share his insights and advice with other publishers and editors. His work in that capacity has been recognized by the American Society of Business Publication Editors with its Lifetime Achievement Award.