Competitive Analysis

In our competitive analysis reports, the editorial strengths and weaknesses are identified
for your publication and its competitors. The report includes detailed comparisons, recommendations and tabulations based on evaluation of overall quality, graphics, news coverage, execution of at-show and post show issues and menu diversity.

A popular new program is our in-depth online news competitive report. The typical study is based on a review of all e-news posted by you and your competitors during a 30-day period. Included is a Fix-It Alert assessment that immediately identifies content deficiencies in eight key categories. A separate section of the report is devoted to “like-item analysis.” This refers to the fact that during the study period, a certain percentage of competitive e-news articles cover identical events. You’ll find out how often your coverage either excels or lags behind the opposition. In total, the finished report includes (1) results of eight-factor scoring; (2) detailed suggestions for improving your coverage on an article-by article basis; (3) source review designed to reflect presence or absence of balanced coverage; (4) new FIX-IT ALERT evaluation.