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Do Journalism Grads Have a Future In B2B?

What are the possibilities these days for aspiring journalists seeking to break into trade publishing? “Cloudy outlook ahead” would probably be my reply. Alas, the past looks brighter than the future in this case. The prospects were far more promising years ago. I was reminded recently of just how different things were then as I…
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February 20, 2023 0

Mid-Winter Tweet Review: Inflation & Poor Customer Service Near a Breaking Point

“Out of control,” or words to that effect, are guaranteed responses from anyone buying almost anything this year. Nobody seems surprised, according to consumers I have interviewed on this topic so far. And industry purchasing agents quickly agree. What’s really concerning is an acceptance by most people that even more price hikes are inevitable. We…
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February 20, 2023 0

8 Ways to Publish Consistently Strong Editorial Columns

Note: This is the third in a series of “too good” columns published since Editorial Solutions launched in 1989. The goal in this installment is to provide several excerpts from 2001 discussions between me and Canon Communications Editorial Director John Bethune. At some companies that emphasize winning awards—like the Neals—editorials become a planned event. In…
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January 21, 2023 0

Let's Call Pollsters Out for These Three Bad Research Habits

Three flawed research practices are common among tech firm pollsters, and nobody seems to care. One of these practices—one-sided data collection—sometimes borders on outrageous. The other two practices are less questionable but are worth occasionally calling out. I’ve decided to raise the issue more often in the Editorial Solutions Twitter account. The main culprit—one-sided research—occurs…
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December 15, 2022 0

October Tweet Review: How to Become Someone in Your Industry

Does performing well as an editor for a strong publication give you the best shot at a long and successful editorial career? It’s a start, but the truth is, it’s only a start. Like it or not, to reach the peak of your profession, producing great content is not enough. You must also become “someone…
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November 1, 2022 0

Autumn Twitter Tips Cover Hot-Button Editorial and Sales Topics

This month’s tweets came in response to recent interests expressed by readers. Surprising to me was the number of likes for tips on writing stong headlines, selecting effective photos, and creating story-telling covers. As for the subject of relations between editorial & sales, my “play ball” discussions remain capable of drawing a crowd. Recently, in…
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October 12, 2022 0

August Tweets : Believers in Church & State Put Editorial Quality First

A critical topic in the past month’s tweets concerns church & state thinking—the belief in separation between editorial and sales. Many B2B marketers today insist that the distinction between church and state is dead. Instead, they say, “playing ball” with sales teams has proven to make more sense. But while a case can indeed be…
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September 11, 2022 0

Mid-Summer Tweet Review: Six Urgent Editorial Management Questions

The most recent tweet in this post is also the most time-sensitive: A recommendation to attend a July 20 online presentation featuring editorial pro Kate Hand of Gardner Business Media. She will focus on six key questions facing editorial managers today: What skill sets will editorial team members need today and in the future? What…
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July 19, 2022 0

May Tweets: Careless Editing Now a Competitive Threat

Uncorrected editing mishaps are making publications more vulnerable than ever to competition, and it’s time for more B2B editorial managers to pay attention. Eager online marketers regularly scan recently posted content in search of exploitable goofs. Mistakes often include hasty, overlooked statistical omissions, but equally vulnerable are cases where embarrassing glitches are ignored for several…
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June 8, 2022 0

April Tweets: Exclusive Competitive Editorial Analysis Review to Launch

Now is a good time to be sure you are ready to engage in an outburst of competitive editorial analysis activity. That’s why Editorial Solutions will be addressing the topic in a series of articles addressing print and online concerns. Coverage highlights will always appear in upcoming Twitter posts. The timing of these articles couldn’t…
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May 3, 2022 0