Books by Howard Rauch

Get Serious About Editorial Management

Now available in E-book format at just $9.99 on Amazon.

Published in the summer of 2017, Get Serious About Editorial Management is a valuable reference and guidebook for senior-level editors and others hoping to land management positions in the near future. It does not primarily address journalism basics, although one section is devoted to this category. Instead, the focus of its 14 chapters and high-value appendix is split between management and marketing guidance:

  • Use Data to Enhance Editorial Performance
  • Twelve Common Management Errors
  • Commit to In-House Training
  • Quantitative Factors Improve Staff Reviews
  • Fourteen Causes of Editorial Burnout
  • Fix Your Editorial Marketing Arsenal
  • How to Assess Editorial Superiority
  • Compete with Authority
  • Make the Most of Trade Shows
  • Go All Out for Debut Issues
  • Frequent Research Must Be a Priority
  • Overcoming Sponsored Content Hurdles
  • Five Challenges to Stellar Online News
  • Twelve Ethical Issues You Must Address
The appendix focuses on a variety of journalism basics, including the following:
  • Hiring staff
  • Writing headlines
  • Diversifying the editorial calendar
  • Avoiding 10 news failures
  • Training staff for interviews
  • Creating effective assignments for staff editors
  • Maximizing editorial board feedback
  • Aiming for brevity
  • Using Fog Index analysis
The book’s topics were chosen from a collection of monthly how-to mailings, publishing blogs, conference speeches, and workshop talks the author has prepared since launching his consulting firm, Editorial Solutions, in 1989. Of special value are seven self-scoring profiles and numerous checklists. The content in this book provides obvious self-help benefits for the reader, but it can also be the basis for in-house training sessions. Buy it today on Amazon.


Get Serious About Competitive Editorial Analysis

When it comes to staying ahead of your competition editorially, you can’t afford surprises. The best way to be prepared is to develop and maintain a comprehensive system of reviewing and analyzing your editorial content versus that of your competitors. And your best guide is Get Serious About Competitive Editorial Analysis.In this detailed guide, first published in 2012, editorial consultant Howard Rauch describes the tools you need to do just that. Rauch first developed his system as the vice president and editorial director of trade publisher Gralla Publications. Since founding his consultancy, Editorial Solutions, in 1989, he has applied it successfully with a wide range of clients. Now, in this book, he is making it available to you.

The book’s eight chapters, listed below, provide everything you need to know:

  • How to Develop a Competitive Analysis System
  • Enterprise Packed E-News Is Key to Online Superiority
  • 40-Factor System Highlights Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Using the 80% Factor to Identify Graphics Superiority
  • News Analysis Required: Nine-Factor Test Is Best Bet
  • Build Star Quality into Showcase Issues: No Flops Allowed!
  • Editors Must Be Involved in Overall Marketing Strategy
  • Effective Competitive Analysis Requires Commitment

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