Online News Enterprise Reporting Can Be Measured

“What is enterprise reporting?” The question was posed to me by a top manager apparently addressing the issue with his editorial staff. Sounds like an easy question to answer . . . maybe. In fact there’s a lot more to defining enterprise than meets the eye. Enterprise is an important missing link that shows up…
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October 30, 2018 0

Holy Fog Index! Doctors Urged to Write Clearly

In a spot-on post last month, the editors of noted a key new push in the practice of medicine: Writing clearly. Their article offers a much-needed reminder to B2B editors to observe Fog Index principles. Foggy writing is still a big problem for B2B: Of 500 articles reviewed in Editorial Solutions’s latest study of…
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October 15, 2018 0

Better Definition of Terms Is Key to Rating Online News

What percentage of the online news that you post each week delivers “high-impact” information? How many of the articles you produce reflect “enterprise? Getting accurate answers to these questions requires realistic definitions of the terms “high impact” and “enterprise” When scoring these factors, I usually end up criticizing current effort—settling for descriptive evaluations such as…
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October 3, 2018 0

September Tweets Push for Better Online News Practices

In the past month, my Twitter feed focused on improving online-news enterprise reporting, connecting with end-users, and reinforcing basic editing skills. Also covered were management tips pertaining to the value of specialized editorial positions, the benefits of self-scoring profiles, and the importance of creating a “request to unpublish” policy. If you like what you see,…
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October 1, 2018 0

Monitor and Improve Editorial Travel with Formal Analysis

Many editors probably need to do a much better job of documenting return on travel investment. A periodic editorial travel analysis is extremely valuable if you have a generous field-trip budget and expect a return on it. A good frequency for a formal analysis is every six months. Your finished report should show total travel…
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September 25, 2018 0

Top Editorial Management Tweets in August

If you find value in my posts here on the Editorial Solutions website, take a look at my Twitter account. You’ll find lot of quick tips for B2B editorial managers. What follows is a sample of representative tweets from August (along with one from July). If you like what you see, subscribe to my feed!…
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August 30, 2018 0

Revised online news scoring system defines eight most troublesome factors

Despite past studies pinpointing online news delivery shortfalls, B2B sites have allowed these common flaws to persist. In fact, many sites have failed to overcome hurdles that only increased enterprise reporting can resolve. At the same time, basic editing mistakes—especially foggy writing—remain par for the course. And the ability of news writers to engage repeatedly…
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August 21, 2018 0

Editorial portfolio: A powerful tool still ignored by B2B publishers

One of the most effective tools I’ve found for marketing the superiority of your publication is an editorial portfolio to collect and showcase editorial achievements. When I describe the favorable promotion impact of this tool in presentations at B2B sales conferences, the usual response is enthusiastic. But follow-up action is all too rare. Developing and…
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August 16, 2018 0

B2B e-news competitive match-ups could exploit existing vulnerability

Anyone who frequently matches editorial strengths/weaknesses vs. those of competitors will find several angles to pursue via B2B e-news comparisons. Many sites have yet to go the extra mile in terms of delivering a regular flow of high-enterprise content. It’s possible you may be among them—not a good thing if your opposition is much more…
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July 18, 2018 0

Simple formula measures best use of end-user quotes, embedded links

Lack of end-user quotes continues to be a critical flaw observed in B2B e-news delivery. Meanwhile, embedded link usage is not the best at several sites Editorial Solutions, Inc., reviews in its annual studies. As a first step to arrive at quantitative goals for each of these online components, I apply a formula that immediately…
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July 10, 2018 0