Do Journalism Grads Have a Future In B2B?

Do Journalism Grads Have a Future In B2B?

February 20, 2023 Uncategorized 0

What are the possibilities these days for aspiring journalists seeking to break into trade publishing? “Cloudy outlook ahead” would probably be my reply. Alas, the past looks brighter than the future in this case. The prospects were far more promising years ago.

I was reminded recently of just how different things were then as I gathered input for my upcoming “Too good to be forgotten” research report. In those days, say about 1988, editorial assistant jobs were in much demand. And you could quickly move up a career ladder if your skills matched the need.

In an article I wrote for The Magazine, an on-target Folio publication, I outlined the potential for editorial growth in the B2B field. Management, I wrote, had figured out “that a capable journalist can learn a new field very quickly, and that a journalist editor is much more equipped to manage other editors.”

It was still possible in that era for someone to join a training program and work their way up to editor-in-chief of a magazine within a four-to-five year period. For entry-level editors, the way ahead could start in the training program. Then could come roles as assistant editor, associate editor, senior associate editor and senior editor—all within a three-year period.

There was however a missing link in entry-level programs both then and now: few college courses are devoted to B2B editorial management. In any case, unfortunately, there may be no place available nowadays to apply that useful education.

So, what is today’s outlook for entry-level editorial jobs at your firm? Valuable training can be applied at even the smallest firm. On the way up at my company, I set aside an hour-a-day teaching class. Give it a try; it can be done.

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