Let's Call Pollsters Out for These Three Bad Research Habits

Let's Call Pollsters Out for These Three Bad Research Habits

December 15, 2022 Uncategorized 0

Three flawed research practices are common among tech firm pollsters, and nobody seems to care. One of these practices—one-sided data collection—sometimes borders on outrageous. The other two practices are less questionable but are worth occasionally calling out. I’ve decided to raise the issue more often in the Editorial Solutions Twitter account.

The main culprit—one-sided research—occurs when a project’s objective is to gather as much praise as possible for the sponsor’s products and services. Known shortcomings are ignored in favor of gathering maximum praise from questionnaire recipients.

A second misguided practice—less frequent but still troublesome—finds a standard set of questions being applied to subject matter totally unrelated to the product or service being reviewed. A recent example I encountered came when, after cancelling a service for obvious reasons, I was asked to comment on the totally unrelated standard list.

The last but not least of these flawed practices involves neutrality. When a survey respondent is asked to comment on a matter totally unrelated to the issue being studied, the answer should allow for a neutral, “not applicable” or “no opinion” response.

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