August Tweets : Believers in Church & State Put Editorial Quality First

August Tweets : Believers in Church & State Put Editorial Quality First

September 11, 2022 Uncategorized 0

A critical topic in the past month’s tweets concerns church & state thinking—the belief in separation between editorial and sales. Many B2B marketers today insist that the distinction between church and state is dead. Instead, they say, “playing ball” with sales teams has proven to make more sense.

But while a case can indeed be made for “editorial support” of sales priorities, the approach often results in poor showings in competitive analysis evaluations. That’s when the virtues of original, high-enterprise articles really pay off.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Our lead-off tweet seeks answers. Other tweets this month address similarly urgent topics:

  • Research seeking to develop promising ways to retain talented employees.
  • Revisiting the Society of Professional Journalists ethics code. It remains a worthy guidance, especially the “Seek Truth And Report It” section.
  • Many opening paragraphs still rely on long, context-setting, sentences. Try instead to begin the key story point in the first five words.
  • Quantitative performance goals must be revisited. Time spent on longer articles may be too high.
  • How can talented editors stuck in no-growth jobs improve their financial outlook?

These developments and more are offered regularly in Editorial Solutions Twitter account—follow it for ongoing updates.

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