Mid-Summer Tweet Review: Six Urgent Editorial Management Questions

Mid-Summer Tweet Review: Six Urgent Editorial Management Questions

July 19, 2022 Uncategorized 0

The most recent tweet in this post is also the most time-sensitive: A recommendation to attend a July 20 online presentation featuring editorial pro Kate Hand of Gardner Business Media. She will focus on six key questions facing editorial managers today:

  1. What skill sets will editorial team members need today and in the future?
  2. What are editors’ biggest challenges?
  3. How do you structure the fine line between “church and state” in today’s ever-evolving environment?
  4. Where are candidates for editorial positions being found?
  5. What benefits can be offered to keep team members happy and motivated — so they will stay?
  6. What support can be offered to help maintain a healthy and productive work/life balance for editors?

The presentation is part of MediaGrowth’s “Excellorator” paid subscription program, but a free trial is available. If you attend, let me know what you think.

Other timely tweets in this post include urgency of anticipating pending critical trends, dubious benefits of increased medical My Chart coding, difficulty focusing with Work From Home staffing decisions, and prompt response to correcting published errors.

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