May Tweets: Careless Editing Now a Competitive Threat

May Tweets: Careless Editing Now a Competitive Threat

June 8, 2022 Uncategorized 0

Uncorrected editing mishaps are making publications more vulnerable than ever to competition, and it’s time for more B2B editorial managers to pay attention.

Eager online marketers regularly scan recently posted content in search of exploitable goofs. Mistakes often include hasty, overlooked statistical omissions, but equally vulnerable are cases where embarrassing glitches are ignored for several days.

Among other prominent issues covered in the past month’s tweets are more work-at-home positions becoming permanent and a dramatic shift in assigning feature article assignments to freelance writers.

Meanwhile, Editorial Solution’s exclusive competitive analysis workshop devoted its latest installment to graphics strategy. Our final installment next month will provide additional focus on errors as competitive concerns.

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