February Tweets: B2B E-News Keeps Up Bad Habits

February Tweets: B2B E-News Keeps Up Bad Habits

March 5, 2022 Uncategorized 0

The past month’s tweets from Editorial Solutions, Inc., include an early finding from its just-launched 10th annual e-news study. B2B online news suffers from two widespread problems: A shortage of instructive news stories and the overuse of vendor-sourced content. (Actually, the biggest stumbling block for the ESI study so far is the number of B2B news sites unworthy of further review. In several cases, the so-called news presented comprises nothing more than barely disguised advertising.)

The term instructive news refers to content from which readers can draw helpful information. Often falling short in this respect are personnel announcements. They devote too much detail to the personal background of the subjects and not enough to accomplishments with industry impact. This shortcoming becomes most prominent when the article in question is a minimal rewrite of a press release.

Also included in this summary of February tweets: using more creative personnel screening questionnaires, terrific discount on B2B management book, how to improve end-user coverage, and the need to stop using “said in a statement” language in news articles.

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