October Tweets: Cultivate Key Contacts Or Lose Out to the Competition

October Tweets: Cultivate Key Contacts Or Lose Out to the Competition

November 2, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Taking time to build solid industry connections is paying off for editors during convention coverage assignments. Gone are the days when they could simply roam conference halls collecting newsworthy quotes from readily available show attendees. Increasingly, one editorial director warns, “you have to call in advance to make appointments with authoritative sources.”  Established connections are key, another director observes: “Staffs who took time to create editorial boards are in much better shape by still being able to touch base with reliable sources.”

In fact, anemic contact connections are just one example of shortcomings in the B2B journalism world. Here are just a few other problems noted in Editorial Solutions Inc.’s monthly Twitter report:

  • Working from home may have welcome benefits, but there are still plenty of ways to go astray. “26 Tips for Maximum Productivity” is a reference readers will appreciate being offered via “The Ultimate Guide to Working From Home.”
  • Trade show coverage is harder than ever before. Alert publishers are eagerly seeking weeker opponents who clearly are lagging behind when it comes to demonstrating enterprise reporting capability.
  • Tech support gurus in a rush to offer super-streamlined new programs have either crashed prematurely or are clearly destined to follow suit.
  • More marketers are insisting that editorial staffs provide monthly lists of important editorial topics competitors are covering poorly.
  • Editors must battle efforts to weaken the strength of their editorial coverage. Corporate leadership must be disabused of the idea that full-time and freelance staff can be reduced while maintaining top editorial quality.

All these developments and more are presented regularly via ESI’s exclusive Twitter posts.