Five Reasons Why Editor-In-Chief Deserves Associate Publisher Title

Five Reasons Why Editor-In-Chief Deserves Associate Publisher Title

October 28, 2021 Uncategorized 0

For many top B2B editors, earning the associate publisher title used to be an elusive reward. In other cases, where a debut issue is involved, associate publisher is tacked on right from the start.

No matter what preference satisfies top management, there are clear criteria for whether or not the upward step has already been earned. During a recent, detailed project covering several editorial performance aspects, my client and I agreed on five indicators that a promotion of editor to editor/associate publisher would be an appropriate decision:

  1. Commanding field presence. The editor is known by all key movers and shakers, speaks at many major events, and is generally involved in local industry activities.
  2. Consistent marketing contribution. The editor is a valuable asset on sales calls, develops strong editorial calendars that combine high reader value with promising commercial tie-ins, and supervises some aspect of sponsored content development.
  3. Effective trade show coordination. The editor can recruit top speakers and makes strong efforts to improve show programs from one year to the next.
  4. Outstanding work on special projects. These projects can include investigating start-up potential, supervising convention dailies, and exploring possible new ventures such as books or newsletters.
  5. Ongoing creation of exceptional editorial projects that enhance publication reputation. These can run the gamut of possibilities such as “Who’s Who” reports, new directories, groundbreaking research, and obtaining publicity exposure via important consumer business media.

While not included in the above list (because it is a given), the associate publisher maintains top visibility via frequent writing of high-value feature articles.