6 Reasons Why Your Content May Not Scare Competitors

6 Reasons Why Your Content May Not Scare Competitors

September 23, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Existence of strong editorial “fear factors” is a key issue when I evaluate existing publications serving a given market. Until now, my approach included matching up my client vs. competition in terms of five “fear factors.” What occurred to me, perhaps now more than in the past, was how many firms did not measure up well against the standards considered. So I added a sixth factor. Perhaps dramatic revision of my thinking was justified. Here are the challenges involved:

  1. High-profile editor-in-chief. This individual is sought out for speaking engagements at conventions sponsored by key industry groups. In every issue, he or she writes an important feature that reflects insider status. Editorial columns always address important issues as opposed to habitually parroting the contents page.
  2. Constant stream of original research. Strong statistical presence reflecting original thinking is reflected throughout the year.
  3. Generous travel budget. The editorial staff seems to be everywhere. A new magazine with limited bucks to support field trips wouldn’t stand a chance. This fear factor alone must be sufficiently imposing at a time when editorial travel often has been curtailed.
  4. Authoritative columnists. Regular contributions by recognized experts confirm a solid knowledge of the field in question.. These authors always provide charts or useful checklists.
  5. Dynamite post-show issues. Coverage required nowadays of virtual events is no cinch. Face-to-face reporting guaranteed in the past is a lost cause for now.
  6. Top-notch content delivery based on end-user interviews. This is a relatively new factor insufficiently achieved. Demand to handle this requirement has become more apparent since online media’s arrival.

When asked to critique this list, one senior editor offered this version: “My editorial focus is to raise the bar so high that it would be extremely difficult for any new competitor to measure up.”

So: Is your content equally scare-worthy or even better? If not, what immediate improvements are recommended?

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