July Tweets Prompt Editorial Ethics Reality Checks

July Tweets Prompt Editorial Ethics Reality Checks

August 3, 2021 Uncategorized 0

“Who says Church & State is ancient history?” That recent Tweet drew prompt responses from concerned editors. When quid pro quo coverage for ad buys is demanded, snapped one editorial director, “to me it sends a signal the publisher doesn’t believe in their product.”

Another manager admitted that “keeping Church and State apart has become an extremely challenging job.” The key, he said, “is getting creative while maintaining a semblance of editorial credibility.” (Examples of this latter approach will be included in an upcoming feature from Editorial Solutions, Inc.) There also is agreement among some parties that current ethics codes must be strengthened where necessary to preserve content integrity.

Other tweets last month identified a variety of challenges requiring attention. Leading that list is the belief that for the past several months, pandemic activity dominated B2B news sections. This focus may or may not have run its course, but also needing attention are the future of hybrid staffs, the resumption of field trips, competitive ways to market editorial strengths, and improved quantitative performance standards. For further details, stay tuned to my Twitter feed.

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