Quantitative Editorial Job Descriptions Improve Performance Reviews

Quantitative Editorial Job Descriptions Improve Performance Reviews

July 9, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Many B2B editorial managers still have an aversion to preparing quantitative job descriptions. The result: plenty of fumbling when staff reviews are scheduled.

Expected future shuffling of staff responsibilities suggests now as a good time to arrange assignment factors in order of importance. Whether or not you choose to quantify itemized job descriptions depends upon your need to match specific staff titles to stipulated workloads. Established guidelines should describe the total time routine tasks take.

Once you’ve done all the above, you need to create a performance review form that links expectations with a factor-by-factor scoring system. Will you weight all factors equally or vary counts based on degree of job difficulty? As for specific job-performance scoring values, some managers use a 1-5 range while other systems choose a much wider spread. I think the narrower range is your best option.

At some publishing companies, editorial staffs contend with corporate formats for job descriptions that don’t come close to pinpointing specific strengths and weaknesses. Other companies have managed to arrive at tailored forms that lend themselves to a more precise appraisal.

Need clarification on how best to proceed? E-mail inquiries to editsol1@optimum.net. Answers will appear in an upcoming installment covering this topic.

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