Work From Home Issues Dominate May News Activity

Work From Home Issues Dominate May News Activity

June 2, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Will work-from-home editorial staff positions remain permanent? Or will editors be summoned back to regular office life on a hybrid basis? What about work-from-home performance? Has it been satisfactory or less than the best? These questions exemplify the issues equally confronting B2B top management and existing remote staffs.

An unrelated May news breaker was the debut of Editorial Solutions Inc’s SUPER SITE e-news scoring system. The objective of this new system is to make writers more aware of need to post more articles based on end-user input.

Last but not least in May’s Twitter topics are the pros and cons of using time-management programs to determine how long it should take to complete a growing number of common tasks. For more input on the above and other issues, visit my Twitter site.

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