30 Options for Increasing Needed Diversity in Editorial Calendars

30 Options for Increasing Needed Diversity in Editorial Calendars

March 11, 2021 Uncategorized 0

When planning your annual editorial calendar, how much thought do you give to diversity of form and content? During annual company-wide studies for some clients, I have identified as many as 30 possible editorial formats. Editors concerned about diversity will offer at least eight varieties per issue.

With recent pressure from steadily increasing online workloads, the thought of diversity has taken a back seat for many besieged editors. Don’t let it happen to you! Without variety, your publication or website becomes predictable, making you a sitting duck when your opposition runs its next competitive analysis study.

Having said that, let’s list five options that usually are standard practice for B2B print and online formats:

  • High-benefit front cover
  • Timely letters to the editor
  • Newsworthy last editorial page
  • Q&A interview with a known authority
  • Original research

Finally, remember that whenever used, infographics enhance diversity. Graphically speaking, many editors still fail to deliver the bare minimum of putting infographics on at least 20 percent of editorial pages.

If you’d like to receive my full list of 30 diversity options, send your request to me at editsol1@optimum.net.

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