Mystery Shopping and Ethics Review Are B2B Must-Do Items

Mystery Shopping and Ethics Review Are B2B Must-Do Items

March 2, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Mystery shopping articles—once a popular focus by retail editors—could now provide an important response to sagging customer service practices. Also deserving a renewed focus are B2B ethics practices that may have been stretched to the limit.

Retail shopper articles, of course, have traditionally presented an assessment of the treatment customers are getting from floor personnel. But as time has passed, it has become apparent that customer treatment in other industries—user help lines for tech companies being a leading example—could be the focus of well-conceived mystery technician phone confrontations.

As for B2B ethics evaluation, church and state reviews are nothing new. But the traditional uphill battle that finds salespeople seeking favorable editorial treatment for advertisers has reached a new high. There is something to be said for teamwork between editorial and sales folk, but less so if quality standards deteriorate.

Several tweets in the accompanying monthly report offer well-deserved food for thought. Other tweets serve as reminders of editing basics concerns. If you like what you see here, check out my regular Twitter page for more high-value content.

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