January Tweets Offer Continued Evidence Of Editing Shortfalls

January Tweets Offer Continued Evidence Of Editing Shortfalls

February 2, 2021 Uncategorized 0

While B2B e-news editing mistakes are not widespread, they occur often enough to be a concern for editors who should know better. A need for improvement is clearly suggested by early scoring results of the 9th annual e-news study by Editorial Solutions, Inc. (ESI). Of 30 on-line packages reviewed so far, only six earned a passable basic editing grade.

The most common error is outbursts of consecutive 40-word and sometimes 50-word sentences. ESI’s study allows a maximum average sentence length (ASL) of 25 words.

Another common editing mishap is source-first/news-later introductory paragraphs. And then there are many sites where existing headlines could be replaced by newsier content buried farther down in the articles.

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