Self-Scoring Profile: Common E-News Editing Problems

Self-Scoring Profile: Common E-News Editing Problems

December 21, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Many B2B sites often stumble when it comes to following best practices for writing and posting basic e-news. That’s why Editorial Solutions, Inc. (ESI) conducts annual studies that include a summary itemizing easily-remedied oversights. But year after year, the suggested improvements remain ignored. The results of ESI’s Ninth Annual B2B E-News Delivery Study are somewhat better, but need to be even better is obvious.

So this year, I’ve decided to try the self-scoring profile approach that has worked well in many other editing improvement ventures. The following example offers ten yes-or-no questions involving e-news practices. Each item answered correctly earns ten points.

To obtain the passing grade of 100, you must answer all questions correctly (the correct answers will be highlighted once you have finished the quiz). Some of the correct answers may surprise you. If so, be sure to check back on this website soon for explanations.

#1. Good e-news writing always observes a maximum average sentence length of 30 words per sentence.

#2. The first sentence in each article should clearly identify the source, title and company affiliation.

#3. In many articles involving individual promotions, more background information should be provided.

#4. E-news headlines should never include decks.

#5. At least 60% of e-news posted should reflect enterprise reporting effort.

#6. In a sample of 10 e-news articles, there should be an average of at least one quote per article from an identified end-user source.

#7. Website news sections should be clearly labeled as such and easily found by users.

#8. Recent research suggests that best e-news value is achieved by articles using 500-800 words.

#9. Articles that open a news section should include at least 300 words.

#10. Headshots (face photos) should only identify the subject’s first and last name.




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