Five More Ways For Freelancers To Increase Their Business

Five More Ways For Freelancers To Increase Their Business

December 10, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Anyone wishing to improve his or her prospects for a freelance career would do well to attend ASBPE’s webinar, “How to Manage and Grow Your Freelance Business.” Although the live event took place on December 8, the recorded session is still available by registering for the event. The panelists for this event were veteran freelance journalists Ruth E. Thaler-Carter and Sophia Bennett.

During the one-hour session, the two panelists reviewed several on-target checklists. In one key part of the webinar, they recommended a six-point approach to business growth:

  1. Be professional.
  2. Network with professionals.
  3. Network with other writers.
  4. Learn from competitors.
  5. Take chances—contact potential new clients.
  6. Be proactive—don’t wait for assignments.

Experienced freelance writers probably viewed the program as a useful refresher. While I agree, there were several other points that might have been addressed, including the following five:

  • Create an extensive prospect list. B2B editors are an obvious choice. However, consider touching base with content marketers and newsletter publishers. The latter category may be more promising because there has been considerable start-up activity lately.
  • Many B2B editors have put a lid on travel. As a result, there may be more job opportunities for qualified local writers.
  • Your website and other online platforms should offer opportunities for potential clients to confirm your background, your knowledge of specific industries, and the range of your editorial skills. The best way to do this is by posting a weekly column that reflects your abilities.
  • If you are answering a want-ad requesting a résumé, be sure to include a cover letter expanding on capabilities the résumé covers.
  • When evaluating magazines you intend to pitch, review several issues for possible weaknesses where you can fill in a gap. For example, many e-news sites take too long to reach a key story point. Or perhaps existing headlines often miss the boat.

Unfortunately, this is not the easiest time to launch a freelance business. At many firms, laid-off full-time editors have maintained connections by accepting freelance assignments. Landing a job—full-time or freelance—will remain tough going for the immediate future.

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