November Tweets Review: Are Publishers Keeping a Lid On End-User E-news?

November Tweets Review: Are Publishers Keeping a Lid On End-User E-news?

December 2, 2020 Uncategorized 0

The focus of my November tweets was on the early scoring results in Editorial Solutions’ 9th annual B2B e-news study. The 15 e-news sites I have so far reviewed showed disappointing levels of enterprise reporting. Too many of them let vendor-sourced articles dominate their e-news sections. Of the 146 quotes used in this sample, 121 came from vendors. Only 25 were attributed to end-users. Why is this the case? One possibility is that publishers actually prefer to see their e-news sourced from vendors. Another possibility, of course, is a lack of editorial staffing needed to gather in-depth comments from end users.

Aside from these Phase IX updates, November tweets offered a variety of other useful suggestions. Leading that list were my three favorite e-news design practices. Also covered were the competitive benefits of “Look Who’s Talking” tests and a tip for soliciting quantitative data from article sources. Last but not least, be sure to check out four recommendations drawn from a recent ASBPE webinar on achieving digital-first success.

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