October Tweets in Review: Beware the Headless Headline!

October Tweets in Review: Beware the Headless Headline!

November 2, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Early scoring results from my ninth annual B2B e-news study suggest that many sites have a “Headless Headline” problem—unthinking headlines that don’t highlight the key point of the article and don’t draw the reader into the story. These lifeless strings of words are what result when editors don’t use their heads to write them. In particular, these guilty parties continue to ignore the best ways to liven up personnel announcements and assorted vendor PR releases.

Of at least equal concern in the early results are consistently unacceptable Enterprise Reporting Prominence (ERP) scores. The target score is 60% of e-news content offered by standard 10-article evaluations. Most sites reviewed so far can’t get past 10%.

In addition to urging headline reform, my Tweets over the past month covered the ongoing editorial challenges of working from home. For more on that topic, be sure to read my recent review of the subject. And to keep up with regular Editorial Solutions Inc. news alerts, follow me on Twitter.

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