July Tweets: Unclear B2B Career Path Awaits Journalism Grads

July Tweets: Unclear B2B Career Path Awaits Journalism Grads

August 5, 2020 Uncategorized 0

In past columns discussing the B2B editorial career path for journalism grads, I never hesitated to look on the bright side. However, the immediate picture is unclear due to tightened hiring practices. As a result, in many cases lower entry-level rungs are less available than in the past. The hiring issue is a key concern addressed in July’s Tweets.

Editorial Solutions, Inc. (ESI), will address other key work-at-home challenge in a new study now in progress. Aside from the hiring factor, the ESI study will cover difficulties with travel coverage and added pressures by B2B advertisers seeking editorial support. A possible ESI future project is new B2B book focusing on quantitative editorial management benefits.

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