Editors Can Help Deliver Effective Promotion Newsletters

Editors Can Help Deliver Effective Promotion Newsletters

February 5, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Does your company send a monthly newsletter to key consumer press contacts summarizing the hottest stuff you’ve just published? Do you also have a newsletter reaching your promotion list that is a lively combination of “commercials” and editorial material?

For multi-publication firms, the PR newsletter focuses on one authoritative item per magazine—usually statistical—up to a total of six to eight items. Developing the material is an exciting, instructive project for editorial trainees or interns if you have them.

The promotion newsletter is a great vehicle for previewing important editorial research reports or announcing availability of exclusive slide shows for advertiser/ad agency meetings. In some cases, you also can include industry news of specific interest to advertisers/projects (that ordinarily might not get attention in your regular publications).

Today conventional promotion mailings that summarize the next issue’s contents are insufficient to distinguish you from the pack. Furthermore, editorial material with tremendous PR potential deserves maximum exposure. Editors are the keys to the success of these communications vehicles. Publishers should not wait too long to get them involved.

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