Now You Can Calculate Your Level of Enterprise Reporting

Now You Can Calculate Your Level of Enterprise Reporting

January 31, 2020 Uncategorized 0

If your enterprise reporting effort surpasses competitors, a new calculation—Enterprise Reporting Prominence (ERP)—can support your claim. ERP indicates the percentage of total e-news content in a current ten-article review that incorporates visibly measurable enterprise reporting.

ERP applications were a featured topic in January’s tweets. According to the latest scoring data from my 8th annual 50-site e-news study, most B2B efforts exude enterprise vulnerability. Of the 32 sites reviewed so far, only four have managed to reach my ERP target of 60%. In fact, 26 sites are stalled below 40%. The best showing of 70% was achieved by Industry Dive‘s retail edition. With only 18 sites remaining to be scored, it seems doubtful that anyone will echo Industry Dive‘s accomplishment. This month’s Tweet report also includes several other editorial management tips.

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