December Tweets Identify Most Common E-News Flaws

December Tweets Identify Most Common E-News Flaws

January 3, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Halfway through my 8th annual B2B e-news study, common basic editing flaws have clearly revealed themselves. Of 250 articles scored, 89 reflect various headline-deck misfires. Another 92 exceed Fog Index limits; 76 are burdened by run-on opening sentences. Specific oversights are described in this extra long report. As I begin the second half of my study—I will ultimately examine 50 B2B e-news sites—the editing effort uncovered is no better so far. Of 40 articles examined, 30 received low ratings for enterprise; 15 had high Fog Index scores.

My study’s scoring system favors enterprise-reporting presence (ERP). New to the study this year is an ERP calculation that shows the percentage of articles reflecting enterprise. Target score established is 60.0%. Of the 25 sites examined to date, 19 managed scores no higher than 39.0%. A more detailed assessment of these results will appear shortly. Meanwhile, this month’s Twitter summary offers an idea-provoking list of editorial challenges.

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