Holy Fog Index! Doctors Urged to Write Clearly

Holy Fog Index! Doctors Urged to Write Clearly

October 15, 2018 Uncategorized 0

In a spot-on post last month, the editors of Readable.io noted a key new push in the practice of medicine: Writing clearly. Their article offers a much-needed reminder to B2B editors to observe Fog Index principles. Foggy writing is still a big problem for B2B: Of 500 articles reviewed in Editorial Solutions’s latest study of online news, 201 failed the Fog Index test.

Not sure what the Fog Index is? See point 1 in last year’s review of three basic e-news components. Better yet, take a look at the two chapters addressing brevity and other Fog Index issues in my book, Get Serious About Editorial Management.

For now, as you tackle defogging your e-news, be on the lookout for these flaws common on B2B online sites:

  1. The first sentence of an article is too long, exceeding 20 to 25 words.
  2. Basic, long compound sentences are not immediately split during the editing process.
  3. Press release babble, often found in long quotes, is allowed to survive unedited.
  4. The name, date, and location of an event are squeezed into one overstuffed sentence.

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