Curata provides key curation guidelines many B2B editors have yet to meet

Curata provides key curation guidelines many B2B editors have yet to meet

April 2, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Curation at many B2B Web sites falls short of best practices recommended by content marketing authority Curata. If online managers did a better job of following suit, they might fill the quality gap existing due to insufficient original material delivery. This possibility would be immediately suggested to anyone taking time out to study Curata’s guide for content curators, How to Effectively and Ethically Curate Content.

This 34-page publication is a worthy read from the very beginning, where it defines curation requirements. Following that is a helpful review of fair use and copyright laws. Then comes the section I want to highlight in this article: “12 Best Practice Tips for an Effective and Ethical Content Curation Strategy.” Here is where B2B online curation efforts are likely to go astray.

For example, consider Best Practice #11:

Add your own voice and inject some creation to all your curation efforts. Provide context for the material you use; add your own insight and/or guidance for your audience.

In other words, if you’ve accumulated the required expertise, meeting this requirement should be a cinch.

Next comes related Best Practice #12:

Make your commentary longer than the excerpt you are reposting. In conjunction with Best Practice #11, you will add substantial new value to content you curate, and minimize the amount of original content you repost, by writing more commentary. Reducing the amount of duplicate content is also better for SEO.

Heading the list of 12 best practices is a recommendation that clearly applies to original as well as curated content:

Limit the number of articles that you leverage from any single source; specifically curating those articles that are directly related to your audience.

A matter the book does not address that probably is of more concern to B2B editors is the percentage of content allocated to original vs. curated feature and news material. Also, there is a related issue pertaining to B2B online use of internal vs. external sources. In theory, “external” would be topics designated for curation treatment; this means a staff editor would be assigned the task of becoming expert in that area.