Competitive productivity: key way to measure editorial performance

Competitive productivity: key way to measure editorial performance

March 28, 2018 Uncategorized 0

There are at least four ways to measure editorial performance. Leading the list is competitive productivity.

This was the message I conveyed to attendees at a workshop reviewing management guidelines covered in my new B2B book, Get Serious About Editorial Management. “Constantly review editorial management strengths and weaknesses against competition,” I advised. “And if competition does not exist, this is even a better reason to adhere to standards that will be difficult for potential opposition to match.”

Outcomes also are influenced favorably depending on how you hire, train and then quantify performance standards. You achieve hiring productivity with assistance from simple testing and other evaluation tools. Effective orientation, training and recognition of junior editors will help you get there. It’s also important to be alert to those early warnings that your editors—or even you—may be reaching a state of editorial burnout.

Generally speaking, I reminded my audience, there are three factors that should concern many of us:

  1. a swamped working environment;
  2. a lack of exclusivity in content;
  3. inept technical support.

I think the last factor is today’s major time-time eater. But perhaps I have overreacted to experiences that someone with greater technical proficiency would have avoided.

“Especially since the advent of online journalism,” I said, “our competition is not only other B2B publications serving the same market. We compete with the world. Therefore, everybody must strive for an expanded enterprise reporting effort.”

The performance review workshop is a product I have developed to help editorial staff excel. A complimentary version is available to B2B publishers who buy multiple copies of Get Serious About Editorial Management or Get Serious About Competitive Analysis for their editors. For details, e-mail me or call me at (201) 569-7714.