Are you really fulfilling today’s B2B editorial mission? 20-factor test is revealing!

Are you really fulfilling today’s B2B editorial mission? 20-factor test is revealing!

November 3, 2014 Uncategorized 0

Has the true editorial mission of B2B editors gotten lost in the shuffle of new technology combined with a tight economy? To provide some answers, I recently posted a 20-factor exam on the American Society of Business Editors national site. The blog was the highest traffic puller during the past several months. Time spent per visit was a remarkable 14:48 minutes.

The thrust of my contribution was simple: There’s more to being an editor than knowing how to update a site, write e-news or code copy. However, many of us have become wrapped up in web technology to the point that fulfillment of other vital editorial mission requirements has languished.

So check yourself out via the following “yes” or “no” challenge. Give yourself five points for every “yes” answer . . . “zero” for every ” no” answer. Passing grade = 80.

  1. Field trips include reader visits rather than just show coverage. Score: _____
  2. I write a bylined feature in every issue. Score: _____
  3. I write at least one high-enterprise e-news article per week. Score: _____
  4. I am conversant with every new industry trend. Score: _____
  5. My blogs reflect insider commentary rather than just blurb thinking. Score: _____
  6. Whenever possible, my blog is presented in video format. Score: _____
  7. I respond regularly to important blogs posted by industry experts. Score: _____
  8. I have no problem writing a statistically-oriented article. Score: _____
  9. I generate a constant stream of personalized correspondence. Score: _____
  10. It’s not all e-mail! I keep up with key players via phone and field trips. Score: _____
  11. I have no problem making a speech and am in demand as a speaker. Score: _____
  12. I get involved in association affairs and volunteer for committees. Score: _____
  13. I constantly suggest publicity angles to our promotion department. Score: _____
  14. I wield a mighty tennis racket, golf club or whatever else it takes. Score: _____
  15. I know my reporting is 100% accurate. Score: _____
  16. I regularly exchange business cards with important show attendees. Score: _____
  17. I keep abreast of other department activities affecting my job. Score: _____
  18. I read competitive magazines regularly and score them vs. mine. Score: _____
  19. I always match strengths/weaknesses of our e-news vs. competition. Score: _____
  20. I look like “someone” when I go into the field. Score: _____