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The roads to print and online success are marked by plenty of editorial potholes and detours. Here are a few articles to help you avoid these hazards and ensure that your content reaches your intended destination.

Enterprise Reporting Outlook: Ample Opportunities for Leadership

Should B2B editors rush to establish a strong competitive lead in enterprise reporting? And do they have sufficient resources to get there? These are just two of the questions suggested[…]

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January 11, 2020 0

December Tweets Identify Most Common E-News Flaws

Halfway through my 8th annual B2B e-news study, common basic editing flaws have clearly revealed themselves. Of 250 articles scored, 89 reflect various headline-deck misfires. Another 92 exceed Fog Index[…]

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January 3, 2020 0

Eight Ways to Upgrade Your E-News

Heavy-hitter e-news managers regularly use eight or more editorial enhancements in every posted article. Unfortunately, according to early results of my 8th annual e-news study, many B2B sites clearly are[…]

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December 13, 2019 0

Special Offer: Prove Your Online or Print Competitive Power

Proving editorial superiority over your competitors—whether online or in print—is no cinch. You’ll need detailed quantitative analysis of your content’s enterprise, impact, end-user input, and readability. Get the proof you need with Editorial Solutions’ custom reports. Choose among offers covering just your content or add a competitive match-up.

New! Test the Effectiveness of Your Headlines

Headlines can make or break your battle against competitors. Let ESI show you how well your headlines work, either on their own or in comparison with those of your competition.

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Document the Power of Your Print Publication

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your magazine with a detailed quantitative study from Editorial Solutions Inc. For added value, ask about a comparison with your top competitor.

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Get In-Depth Analysis of Your Online News

Find out if your e-news makes the grade. With unparalleled expertise gained from seven years of online news performance studies, ESI can analyze and grade your news performance and help your website news section reach peak fighting shape.

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Get Serious About Your Career!

Build up your editorial expertise with these two essential books

If you’re serious about advancing your editorial career, Get Serious about Competitive Editorial Analysis and Get Serious About Editorial Management are written specifically for you. Required reading for both new and seasoned business-to-business editors.  


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