Editorial Solutions, Inc.

New book update: Get Serious About Editorial Management
by Howard Rauch, president, Editorial Solutions, Inc.

My new, fact-packed book is an important reference for senior level editors and others hoping to
land management positions in the near future. It does not focus on journalism basics, although
one section is devoted to this category. Instead, 14 chapters plus a high-value Appendix are
equally split between management and marketing guidance. Here is what to expect (although the
final sequence remains subject to change), and it's all in one place for easy reference:

Chapter I: Still needed: Quantitative targets for editorial superiority
Chapter II: Be prepared to confront 12 basic management hurdles
Chapter III: Non-stop commitment to in-house training required
Chapter IV: Quantitative factors improve staff reviews  
Chapter V: 'Editorial burnout scorecard' detects 14 reasons for job dissatisfaction
Chapter VI: Keep your editorial marketing arsenal in fighting shape
Chapter VII: Four important quantitative factors confirm competitive edge
Chapter VIII: Be sure content reflects authoritative position
Chapter IX: Make the most out of trade shows
Chapter X: Build star quality into showcase issues; no flops allowed!
Chapter XI: Frequent original research deserves priority
Chapter XII: How to overcome sponsored content hurdles
Chapter XIII: Five challenges to stellar online news delivery
Chapter XIV: 12 ethical dilemmas you can't avoid

The accompanying Appendix focuses on a variety of journalism basics. The article line-up in this
section may still be expanded. But here's what's included so far:

  • Nine common headline snafus still elude editing efforts
  • Diversify!! At least 30 options available
  • Avoid ten common news shortfalls
  • Assignment editors can provide clearer objectives to writers
  • How to maximize editorial board feedback
  • For many editors, brevity remains a foreign language
  • Every B2B publication must exude five editorial fear factors
  • More editors must learn to rely on Fog Index principles
  • Five keys to hiring efficiency

The above topics were chosen from a collection of monthly how-to mailings, publishing Web site
blogs, conference speeches and workshop talks I've prepared since launching Editorial Solutions,
Inc. in 1989. Of special value are seven self-scoring profiles and an endless number of checklists.
All of the above-listed material provides obvious self-help benefits, but also can be the basis for
your own in-house training sessions.

Get Serious About Editorial Management is priced at $19.95. Ordering info will be available shortly.

(P.S. -- For those of you looking to sharpen your competitive analysis tactics, my previous book --
Get Serious About Competitive Editorial Analysis" -- provides a wealth of tips on how to get the job
done. For details, e-mail editsol1@optimum.net. Or call (201) 569-7714.)